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Tackling the Problem with ETL-Testing - our Senacor Testing Framework

Automated testing is the key for CI/CD, but unfortunately most ETL tools possess only basic built-in testing frameworks. Therefore we developed an independent framework template for automated ETL stream testing.…


A witness with FitNesse

What are our tests but a witness to the integrity of our code? Just like what takes place in a justice court when a witness swears to tell the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth, so are we doing the same through our tests.…


Parametrisierung für Test Suites in JUnit 4

JUnit gehört zum Standard-Werkzeugkasten in unseren Projekten. Seit JUnit 4 werden auch parameterisierte Tests unterstützt: Man definiert eine Parametermenge und für jedes Tupel wird die so…


SenacorSlackDapp goes truffle & travis CI

What up! Since we recently had a Code&Play on Smart Contract development with Ethereum it was about time to move the tests for our…


Unit testing with Java 9, Jigsaw and JUnit

Java 9 is on it's way and with it - maybe - Project Jigsaw. Project Jigsaw adds modularization to Java, which will change the way we…