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Vavr – Objekt-funktionale Programmierung leichtgemacht

Funktionale Programmierung hat in den letzten Jahren eine Art zweite Blüte erlebt und ist nun auch im Mainstream angekommen. Das Open Source Projekt Vavr will die Lücken in Java 8 schließen.…


Serverless blue green deployments and canary releases with traffic shifting

Serverless computing is a hot topic. Especially AWS Lambda is gaining traction. It is being used as the foundation of Amazon's Alexa product-line and the basis…


Serverless with AWS Lambda

This post is an introduction to Serverless computing - often called Functions-as-a-Service. I will explain, why this is indeed the Hot-Stuff(tm) and introduce you to…


In praise of Vavr's Option

Null is sometimes considered the billion dollar mistake. One could argue about this forever, but certainly, null has lead to a lot of awful code. Most…


Using Terraform for Cloud Deployments - Part 1

This post explores Terraform from a beginner's perspective. We'll look at the problem Terraform solves and what it's distinct features are. By using some rather simple…


Innovation @ Senacor - 24 h Sprint

In the last couple of years different companies tried different means for improving company culture. We at Senacor face basically the same challenges as non-consulting companies.…