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Blockchain Products - Part 1: Investment

This is part one of a two-part article series on blockchain products. In this first part we will take a look at blockchain products from an…


SenacorSlackDapp goes truffle & travis CI

What up! Since we recently had a Code&Play on Smart Contract development with Ethereum it was about time to move the tests for our…


Broaden your horizon @ IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017

So, last week I visited the IoT Tech Expo Europe in Berlin[1]. The conference was running for two days offering a wide range of all…


Smart Contract Slack-Dapp now on Github!

Wir freuen uns mitteilen zu können, dass unsere Smart-Contract Demo App nun auf Github veröffentliche wurde. Die Idee hinter dem Prototyp stammt ursprünglich von unserem HackaTUM…


More IoT on InfoQ

The IoT-Reference-Architecture follow-up article just went online on InfoQ. In this follow-up we map industrial use-cases to the reference architecture described in our first article published…


InnoLab goes InfoQ

Das Innovation Lab IoT (Internet of Things) hat den Artikel "A Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things" auf InfoQ veröffentlicht. Dieser erste Artikel…